Wallace 45pc Flatware Set-2 Styles

I have a nickle allergy. I’m not sure that flatware has ever bothered me, but I’m not sure I’ve had some with 10% nickle, either. Anyone know if this could cause an allergic reaction?

I bought a set of the smooth style a couple months ago. This is big silverware. We keep getting the larger spoons mixed up with the serving spoons. My kids, both under 5, struggle to use the set.

Disappointing thing about the silverware is that all the pieces have a rough spot on the the very tail edge of the handle. It is just a tiny spot, but you can catch your finger nail on it. Not sure why, but it drives me nuts and makes me question their craftsmanship.

Bought the Classic set a few weeks ago for my wife on Woot. I paid more then and was still happy with the price. At this price–and unless chopsticks are your thing–I would definitely say go for it.

Seems unlikely given most who get that allergy are reacting to jewelry which they wear all day, even 24/7. These things hardly touch you as they mostly touch the food. (Who sucks on forks and spoons? :slight_smile: That 10% nickle is actually what makes these good stainless rather than the “stainless” which can rust or at least discolor i.e., 18/0. This is basically the best stainless alloy for flatware (though 18/8 when you find it seems excellent too).