Wallace 45pc Flatware Set



over $150 on amazon.



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Got some questionable reviews on overstock.com - several people said it’s actually 18/0, not 18/10 imprinted on the back of pieces & that pieces are HUGE size … http://www.overstock.com/Home-Garden/Wallace-Continental-Classic-45-piece-Flatware-Set/5919261/product.html


The reviews on Overstock.com say that this set isn’t actually 18/10 stainless, but that it’s 18/0 (and they say it says so right on the flatware, not on the box.)

Does anyone know if that’s true? I’m interested in ordering this set, but if it’s 18/0, that’s a dealbreaker for me.

Thank you!!!


Looks like tlmassey and I were posting at the same time! :slight_smile:


FYI, Wallace <> WMF. They’re different.


Ours are absolutely 18/10. I’m looking for the post from a previous thread.

Found it:

Posh Dining and Serving

What’s WMF?

The set on Overstock seems to be the exact same one being sold here.


Someone posted a bunch of comments about WMF flatware - a different brand. I deleted the post.


It’s good to see that these are dishwasher safe. I absolutely hate it when someone gets hurt while washing silverware.


I debate getting this set every time I see it offered. I just can’t tell how heavy the spoons and forks are. Are the edges as nicely rounded as the knives appear to be? If I cut something using the side of my fork, will the handle push sharply into my finger? Will the spoon scratch the corners of my mouth? Inquiring minds want to know!


comon, i just bought a set- ONLY because it’s 18/10. Is this really 18/10 or 18/0???


Check ThunderThighs post:

ThunderThighs is Woot staff and has a pic of the box. 18/0 seems like a typo. Even the overstock page says 18/10 in the Materials description on the right side of the page.


Where’s Gromit?


gets trashed in the Amazon reviews. Typical comment–
‘bought this set 10 years ago and it was great–apparent change about 4 years ago==now light weight and tinny, sharp edges–can’t be 18/10’


Actually, that price is for the svce for 12, however, still a good buy at 49.99 for svce for 8. Amazon has it for $99. That said, there are more than a few “discount” websites that have the same set for the same price. WOOT is not the exclusive website with this price point, but it is, certainly, the most entertaining and cool one.


what is the return policy if ends up being 18/0


I bought two sets last time it was offered. These ARE 18/10. They are imprinted 18/10.

They are smooth, the weight is good. They are a little big, but I think they look really nice regardless. The edges are rounded and not sharp.

I recommend these.

Slightly off topic:
I did point out to Woot support, however, that how they were shipped to me was horrible–giant hole in the box, looked like it was opened and resealed from Amazon in a rush, etc. Not sure if someone at UPS opened the box or what!


Can someone tell me if the knives are serated?