WalletPix 1.5” Digital Photo Viewer - 2 Pack

Xanax, Klonopin, Ativan or good old fashioned Jameson…what’s your pleasure…?

2 for Tuesday!

Is it me, or are Woot Offs carrying the same things again and again and again? Feels like they are getting into a rut.

So pictures are downsized to fit this thing? What if I take a picture of an ant…will the reverse be true? I like big ants!

If these emitted a 3-D hologram of Princess Leia I would only be slightly more inclined to waste my money.

I nominate these for worst Woot! item of the year.

Don’t you think she’s from an Old Navy commercial? I could swear…

It’s a woot off…what do you expect.

The chicken says… BOC, BOC, BOC…

I almost bought one, then noticed it’s not Mac compatible.

I bought one, it’s perfect for that

“What do you mean it’s their birthday!” moment.

if you have to ask don’t own a mac!

hmm. if you could hold down the advance key, and the pictures flipped fast enough, you could make a short animated loop.

Really? That is good to know since I’m a Durex man myself.

Sweet, photos and a condom in one easy package.

Next up: A printer to make tiny little images of your tiny little photos.

58 photos. But I have 3 cats, how can I divvy it up evenly?

Hey sonny get me my spectacals!! Not sure if i can see them great grandbabies…

Meaning you could easily make it six for Tuesday, and have a lot of holiday shopping all wrapped up!