Wallpops - Time to Get Organized

is “WallPops WPE0644 Puzzle 4-Piece Organizer Set” also a sticker set with the addition of a stick on corkboard or are they more traditional hung pieces?

If it is stick on, how thick is the corkboard?

These are stick-on, but I dont know how thick the corkboard is.

My question: will these work on my fridge? I think I’d like to stick these on the side of the fridge, which has that fridge-contour surface.

Don’t do it. I purchased the calendar and white board and when I moved out of my townhouse they both peeled large chunks of paint off of my wall. I complained to wallpops. They said that it should not have happened unless the paint was new but I had been in the house over 7 months by then so the paint was not fresh. Luckily, I didn’t have to pay for the damage done to the wall.

I bought these last time. The 4 pieces all are stick-on. The 1/4" thick cork board has sticky pads that stick it to the ‘white board’ sticker you see in the pix. I didn’t use it or plan on it. It looked cheap and flimsy - from the Woot posting and upon unboxing. I kept the white board part to use by itself.

That said, I love my set. I use one on the fridge-it sticks great. And the others I use in my office area. I stuck them on the side of Ikea cabinets.

These are pretty fun - we have them at work and they stick wonderfully on glass (…although you could also just whiteboard pen on the glass, hmm…). We have a few on a more bumpy wall and one of them sticks fine while the other is now taped down because otherwise it won’t stay up. I’m not sure if that one got peeled off before and now it’s less sticky, or what.

The other issue with the ones on the wall is that when we pull them off, there will be a circle-shaped dinginess from erasing the ink and it getting on the wall.

I’m thinking about getting one for cupboards in my kitchen, and possibly a more flat wall at my house. I think the erasing/ink-all-over issue will be alleviated if I get bigger ones and just write toward the middle, being careful about the edges when I erase.

eta: i was wondering about steam because one of the cupboards is over the stove… here’s what the overexcited faq says:

The Union Jacks are upside down…

To my eye they just don’t seem to be printed correctly… the pinwheeliness is missed.