Would these work on my stainless steel refrigerator?

The picture of the stripes are totally misleading. Looks like you can cover an entire wall, but really you only get four small stripes that would make one five foot stripe if placed end-to-end.

Paint is much cheaper.

[MOD: We had an error in the sale. It’s 16’ for each, not 16".]

Better to head over to the wallpops website and take a look. If you like the Kolkata dry erase boards, they are much cheaper on their website. However they are a bit smaller(on woot- 13"X17.75", on wallpops-13"X13"). But you also get a weekly planner, along with the monthly calendar and message board. Here’s the link- http://www.wallpops.com/kolkata-3-dry-erase.aspx

Yeah but what is their shipping…

Hard to tell what they look like in “real life”.

yeah, a rendering in a room is kinda… horrible. Couldn’t get them to take real photos woot?

Let me get this straight, 4 stripes of 6.5"W * 16"L is $37 http://www.woot.com/offers/red-hot-stripes? Either the picture is misleading, or those are grossly overpriced.

Just to be clear, I have purchased the board & monthly calendar the last time around, and I purchased the weekly on this time around.

[MOD: We had an error. It’s 16 FEET, not 16 inches.]

they used a pic from amazon.


Regardless of the picture’s source, it would take a lot more than 4 stripes to make that decoration on the wall.

Would you be able to dry erase a light colored pen on the brown dots?

Same as Woot- $5 standard shipping


We’ve updated the dimensions to be 16 FEET, not 16 inches. Little bit of a difference there.

Hopefully that makes the deal more appealing.

Now, go buy 3.

Also, what’s with the Zsa Zsa’s? They’d probably look good in my daughter’s room, but the dimensions there don’t make sense. They’re listed as blocks, and all googling for this product shows 16 13" squares, but the description says 4 13" squares and some unspecified number of 16’ stripes.

Seriously, woot, who’s proof reading this stuff?

Could I get a better picture of the maps. I’d like to know if major roads are depicted and level of detail in general.

We didn’t get samples of these but the Wallpops site has a zoom that might help.

we got the monthly Anya calendar last time around. our family uses it as a weekly calendar with each family member getting his/her own row. so far the only down side to the calendar is that the dry erase marker is not a fine tip - thus hard to write small on the calendar.

Does anyone know if the whiteboards have a matte or reflective finish? With the right finish, I’d like to consider putting a few of these on a darkly-painted wall as an alternative to a more expensive screen for my Optoma projector.

Well, guess who owns Woot?

Ok, we had conflicting info from the vendor but we’ve got it straight now.

The Zsa Zsa Set we are selling contains sixteen (16) 13" squares. No stripes.