I’m irrationally annoyed by the projection used in the world map poster.

The 24" x 30" white board is pictured as being nearly twice as tall as the screen/monitor - but that would mean the monitor is only 12" tall. Edit: And since the bottom 1/3 of the monitor is not even screen, the viewable area would be less than 8".

I wouldn’t go so far as to say that it is false advertising, but certainly there were liberties taken with composition of the image used to advertise the product.

I can’t get the WallPops site to load this morning but we’re using art supplied by the Vendor. Most likely they sell those in different sizes and are showing only one size in the photo.

The dimensions appear to work if that’s a 2006 vintage 17" iMac (which has a 9" tall display), which is what it looks like. Mind you, Apple, doesn’t sell anything that small any more.

Received the 24"x 36" yesterday. Works as advertised. I really needed a no hassle, no nail white board next to my desk at home to doodle software designs, quick notes, etc.

However, a small chip of paint peeled off when I tried re-positioning it. I guess I should’ve slowly peeled it off.

Applied my 24"x36" white board and monthly calendar as soon as they received in the mail. I just had to reposition one of them for a furniture rearrangement and it took out a HUGE swath of the paint on my wall. I tried peeling slowly but it barely helped. These peel no easier than scotch tape.