Wanna Rub My Butt

Ordered this shirt for my wife. She wears a medium, which I ordered. I received a shirt that the tag says medium, but the real size says 12yo skinny petite girl at MOST. If you need to order these in a womens style shirt, know that these are very skinny, petite, form fitting, style shirt.

Got mine yesterday…sizing on women’s shirts is way way way small

Did you order American Apparel or Standard? The American Apparel blanks are more fitted, where as the Standard blanks are more relaxed/normal tshirt fit.

I ordered the standard.

My husband smokes meat. His favorite to cook is Boston butt. He would love it. Gonna have to but it eventually.

I want it in an apron… are yall getting more? Or will the maker print an extra for me?? Please!!

Are you getting more aprons? Thx!

Was going to order one for my Dad, but no aprons?!?!

Sorry, looks like we sold out of aprons. Keep checking back on the Plus sales. It’s sure to make a reappearance.


You ordered on Anvil which should run true to size. Measure the shirt and compare it to the size chart on the sale. If it’s off, please use the Support form linked at the top of the page to contact customer support for assistance.

Tip: They’ll ask for a photo so go ahead and give them a link to one.

I’d love to have this as an apron! I smoke meat and this is perfect for those days when I’m catering events. How else can I buy one?

What’s a “Plus” sale? Thanks!

Our side sales that happen in addition to the daily sales. If you scroll down the main shirt page, you’ll see the current sales.

Ordered an AA, got an anvil shirt. This happen to anyone else or am I the lucky one? Already emailed customer support.