Cheerful chubby charmers. Love this design. Thanks, dbenton25.

I wish I could get one of these and send it to ADQ. Though some might find it ‘coney’, Ice-ay neigh! It’s fantastic.

Adorable. Ice cream is a legendary pinch hitter.

Thank you lordbowen!

Much appreciated (especially the pun) xarous!

Thanks a bunch lonelypond!

Thank you Woot! “An Amazon Company” and especially my loyal Wooters. You guys/and gals are the main reason my family doesn’t eat ramen every night. Not that that would be a bad thing, they seem to prefer it over my cooking, but they have to deal with my vegetable obsession, at least until they move out. And that day can’t come soon enough. Thanks again everyone!

Be your best self. Or just eat the ice cream. They’re both great options!

Cool tee, Droidloot!

Perfect summer-wear for dreamers. Nice one.