Want to buy a tablet...

I am looking to buy a tablet, wacom preferably. I have an intuos 2, but have lost the pen, so I either need a new pen or tablet, and the intuos 2 is getting dated, so unless I can find a pen for it, I am just looking for something else.

If you have one for sale, or recommendations on where I can get one, it would be great :).

Try slickdeals.net

sent you a PM

say it, i sent you an email.

Anyone else hjave some suggestions?

Amazon’s got some great prices on tablets. I bought mine a few weeks ago. It’s great!

Wacom sells replacement pens, but for the price, you may want to just spend a bit more and get a new one…

HP has a slae right now, search for tablet on deals2buy.com

Here is a previous discussion thread

I got the Wacom Graphire 4x5 and I like it, but its my first tablet in over 10 years. I found a deal for it on slickdeals and several people here got one at the same time.

Ms. C,
slickdeals is better with “http://” in it.

www.journeyed.com is a good source (you can get an Intuos 3 6x8 for $290).

I’ve got a 12x19 at work and I love it for doing fine details on illustrator and photoshop. It is a biggun though.

Prof. Tek, is this site just for academics?

The software is restricted, but a lot of the hardware (like the tablets) can be bought by anyone:
12x19 tablet
9x12 tablet
6x8 tablet

Ouch. Anyone with a couple hundred bucks to spare, Prof. Tek.

Yeah, they’re not cheap.

Unfortunately, I am, Prof. Tek.

I really don’t know where to get a good tablet under $100, but they probably are out there. I’m cheap too, but since I am responsible for the tech in my department, I can get toys I want to play with.

Prof. Tek,
Every so often I see a Frye’s ad advertising a “Hanvon” tablet. The only info I can find on the web is that it’s made in China, apparently uses a batteryless pen (similar to a Wacom Graphire… I guess it’s “Bamboo” now) and that nobody else can find a review of it.

Found this