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Free balloons, popcorn, beer and pasta.















Come and get it!!!


I’m in.




I was looking for some funnel cake. I have to find somewhere that they make it around here. They only seem to have it at the hospital carnivals or German feast a couple times a year. I should start a funnel cake chain. I wonder how many people crave funnel cake and can’t find it when they want it.


go to a baseball game! surely there’s a minor-league team of some level in your area?


I’ve never seen funnel cake at any sports games around here.


It’s easy to make, if you can stand the thought of making something that involves a bubbling vat of oil.
Funny how I can eat that stuff out, but the idea of all that oil at home makes me say…
um, no.


they’re at the baseball games here (at least, at our AAA team, it’s been over a decade since i went to a game at the AA affiliate), and seem to be at all the local university football games as well (though for some reason I’ve never seen them at basketball or hockey games)


Yeah, I don’t cook with lots of oil and fatty stuff at my home but I like to get treats when out.
I think I would eat it once a month if it was available.


Hmmm, we have a college that my husband is on the board of in the neighborhood. Sounds like he needs to make recommendations for menu updates for games.


I get one of the “fresh squeezed” lemonades at every football game, and occasionally get a funnel cake, powdered sugar only (chocolate syrup is good, but it makes for even more of a mess)…


I never see anything besides popcorn, hot dogs, peanuts, ice cream and cotton candy. They put chocolate on funnel cake. I’ve never heard of that.


wow, limited choices! beyond what you’ve listed, we’ve got chick-fil-a, dominoes, assorted candy, i believe there’s barbecue, “fresh squeezed” lemonade (they squeeze half a lemon into your cup, but most of it comes out of a gatorade-type cooler, frozen lemonade, pretzels, and probably a lot of other stuff that i’m forgetting/haven’t explored… is it a large college? they should remember that concessions are a great way to make money!

the chocolate is just hershey’s syrup in the squeeze bottle, which you can add yourself, and they’ve only started doing that in the last couple years… i think they’ve also added cinnamon to the offerings you can add yourself…


I used to work one of those lemonade stands for charity at events.
There’s almost half a cup of sugar in every one of those drinks, even though they are yummy and have at least one lemon in them.
Just to spoil your fun, heh…


Yes, they do have pizza. I forgot that until you mentioned it.
Large, I’m not sure if it would be considered a large university. It is smaller than University of PA but much larger than a lot of other ones around here. Have no idea about colleges in other states what size they are. I looked it up on their website if this helps… 6,335 full-time students it doesn’t say number of part-time students, 254 acres, 60 buildings, 26 resident halls, 11,800 seat stadium.
One year of school there cost $47,590.00. Would be nice for them to pull in more money, I guess.


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This would be a great idea for special events such as Family Reunions, Church Events, and other similiar events. It would be something that no one would suspect.