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Spoil my fun?! Spoil my fun?! How does that spoil my fun? I now love it even more, just on the principle of the matter! It’s like a campaign promise: a half-cup of sugar in every glass!

Whoa!!! Easy now, big fellah!

oh… i’m at a school of ~30,000, and the football stadium seats +55,000… i guess we get a bit more of a market at each game…

That would probably explain more choices on the menu. 55,000 thats a lot of people to feed and they must sell an awful lot of beer

Holy S#!t!

We have two others within 20 minutes of us that are more than that one, which is closest to us.

Wow, that is crazy. I find it hard to belive their education is 20-40 times as good as some other universities.

Fen, PM for you. Please don’t post that information. Thanks

that information
he he he I posted “that information”
I will now go back to not acting like a little kid.

Re funnel cakes. They were $5 at our festival. I don’t remember them being that much.

no beer is sold inside the games… of course, people bring a whole bunch to the pre-game tailgating (which has been slashed to 4 hours prior to game time, after a marine pulled someone out of his truck who was driving around drunk and gave him the beating of a lifetime, only to have the drunk return with a gun and kill him)… people find ways to sneak alcohol in, though, especially the little bottles of liquor, and lots of people head out to their cars during halftime to “reload”

double rubbish

Celebrate good times!!!
pulls out shot glass from peg leg

ahhhhhh yyeeeeaaahhhhhh
do it wookie style baby!