WANTED: Woot Junkie for Charity Work


I live on the east coast and have to get up pretty early for work. Needless to say, I’m not able to check woot! at 1:00am EST, for the new deal of the day. So there have been numerous times that I missed a great woot! because I was sleeping when it sold out.

I am searching for a fellow wooter! that checks the site faithfully every single day, to donate maybe 2-3 minutes of their time, per week. Someone who will click a button on my webpage (around 1am EST) with the name and price of the daily woot! This will send me a text message, awakening me from a deep sleep, so that I can make a half-awake decision on whether or not to get up and buy the item.

Anyone willing to help me out?


I haven’t found anyone to help me out with this, although I did come across a few other people that would like to be added to the nightly notification. So whomever volunteers, will now be helping out 3 people (including myself).

If anyone else would like to be added, PM me with your cell phone’s email address.




Thanks, cruzer. I just signed up and told the others about it.


If you are looking for something specific and don’t want to be woken up every night then check out Woot Notifier.




Wow! Decisions, Decisions. This is better than that time they killed Jesus.


This is pretty distasteful . . . regardless of your beliefs.


Maybe I should’ve said something like, “This is better than that time I got picked 9th for Dodge Ball.”

But I try to bring some controversy to the forums. I mean, there are people that still believe in the tooth fairy and Santa Claus, who would be offended by my previous comment. And then there are those that aren’t so gullible, who realized that if a bunny rabbit couldn’t deliver eggs and candy to millions of homes during the night, then there probably wasn’t a man who could grant sight, restore severed ears, cleanse those who have been possessed by the devil, raise children from the dead, and walk on water. Just a hunch!


I think our best bet would be to ignore the controversy. We all know we’re not going to change anyone’s mind. It’s a no-win situation.


I know, I just try to be silly sometimes. Its one of those boring Sundays that the Eagles aren’t playing. Have to make my own fun.


Should be a good game tomorrow night.


Yeah it will be a great game. I’m a huge Eagles fan that’s happy T.O. is gone, but at the same time a little afraid that we can’t do it without him. If Philly wins tomorrow night, they will be tied with Dallas for second in the NFC East. Because we all know that the Skins can’t beat Tampa Bay, and well the Giants will clean up today.


Guess the Vikings got it. 10 seconds left 24-21.


The Colt’s win, but they should win… But usually they don’t win when they should… All the way this year!