War and Peace

Congrats buddy, awesome art and concept!

Can’t wait to see how this one prints.

BTW, love the write-up

What was the video game reference for this one? I never figured it out. :\

It looks to me like there is a lot more war than peace, but that is accurate.

Great art, but damn depressing.

I really love this design, and would love to purchase one … except for that damned ‘M’ logo…


Agreed. Would have bought if not for the logo.

Oh, I don’t know… Because it’s the only part of the design that indicates the video game part of the theme? Personally, I think it’s brilliant; it also implies that war and peace involves everyone’s participation, voluntary or not.

congrats on the print, very well done!

“M for multiplayer,” pretty clever. Congrats again, Collin! You’re on a roll.

I agree, it is absolutely brilliant! I love designs like this, they are thought provoking…and sometimes just provoking, I was wearing a similar woot design recently and had someone make an unpleasant comment about it to me. I told the fellow that the design was open to interpretation…

I knew a guy named Warren Pease. He was a bit thick, but I could read him like a book.

On a roll, CVH! :slight_smile:

Now I want to know what the shirt was and the comment.

Sometimes the negative comments are the best ones, because they give you something to talk about.


Congrats on another derby win, Collin!

… and sometimes, it weeds out folks you don’t want to talk to IRL. Like uptight religious ******* who are too stupid to understand a (non) Reading Rainbow.

Glad to see this design print and wish I had been on for the sale. Also wish it was made more clear that artists were allowed to step outside of specific game titles. They might have come out with even more unique designs like this one.

Going on my wish list for a future buy.

Not exactly fun to look at it, but like the style of art and the reach of the design.