War Bird

All hail, King V’owl!


Its wonderful! I had to blow it up and look at the detail. I just can’t see wearing it as a t-shirt.

Looks like it would make a nice bedspread design.

Color says Navy. On my computer screen the shirt looks black or very dark gray. I want what I see. Any help with the color would be appreciated.

Great shirt for Mensa members!

Need on a women’s cut tank.

Lovely design.

Owl bet he’s come to restore some balance to the Galaxy of Woot.

(Score one more shirt for the Woot Aviary…:))


That’s my spirit animal right there.

Love the intricate artwork.

I’m actually wearing an owl shirt today! heh Mayhaps I needs another.

I love the design but the graphic is too large on the T-shirt, at least for my taste.

The day is half over, and not a single Doctor Who pun.

I was about to buy this until I saw the crescent moon near the top of the design. That’s a religious symbol that I prefer not to wear. Real shame too because I love the design otherwise.

Take a weekend off, come back to a creature of beauty. Thanks, shirtwoot!

Hey that’s almost the same exact design as the background I’ve had on my iPhone for the past three years. Google “Owl iphone background” and it’s the first image result. I love it.

Bought it for my kids and the quality is great. The print is good quality and is not breaking apart.