War of the Worlds

oh, shirtwoot!, you have been reading my clicks…Invasion and Destroy, Destroy, Destroy would have been so tempting any other week…

Oh no I have waited and searched every shirt.woot plus for the Procrastinate design as a hoodie…but its a zip-up D:

Quick question: are these all going to be screen printed or DGT? I really want Forbidden Love, but I have been burned a few times on DGT lameness.

It depends on how many get ordered.

Here’s an explanation of the decision process.

I gotta say, I was discussing it earlier, seeing some of the things in this woot! plus really makes me like the idea. I think shirt woot! should offer the designs in poster form. I like a lot of the designs and I would definitely buy them in posters. :smiley:

Gotta admit, this is the invasion shirt I was looking for: http://shirt.woot.com/derby/entry/47638/invasion

[QUOTE=ThunderThighs, post:5, topic:400014]
It depends on how many get ordered.

Thanks much for the explanation, TT. Unfortunately, I feel even more conflicted! I understand the economics of it, but I hate the idea of rolling the dice on getting a shirt I will like. Sigh.

I want the Natural Instinct hoodie for my son, but there aren’t any kids sizes. Please offer this in K8! It would also be nice if the price was $20-ish for the smaller size.

Just received my “The Time is Meow” zip up hoodie today. A little disapointed that it is t-shirt weight and not a thicker, traditional fleecy inside hoodie. (Sidenote: Having trouble with the zipper as well) I’m looking at purchasing the “Free Hugs” zip up hoodie and wondering if it is t-shirt weight as well.

What you ordered was a Jersey hoodie. We sell 3 types of hoodies (so far):

Zip-up Hoodies - regular weight zip hoodies

Lightweight (LW) Zip Hoodies - super thin and lightweight

Jersey Zip Hoodies - Lightweight, but more of a t-shirt like material

The type of hoodie will be stated in the title of each sale.

Hope that helps.

Free Hugs zip-up hoodie is a fleece hoodie.

For everyone - as an extension to what TT noted above, to be called a hoodie just means that it has a hood. Read the specs, and if you’re not sure, ask! (but please note the product in question too).

Are you still going to be selling lightweight hoodies? They’re well worth the extra expense IMO, so I hope they will still be around. I like the weight of the jersey zip hoodies, but the quality is not close to the same (plus they run smaller).

Bought “I might need a bigger gun” ages ago (on an american apparel!). Wish I could get that design on a hoodie… The design looks so amazing in real life. People are always freaking out about it.

I wish they sold these designs on canvas or as prints.