Wares Here

Nice beer glasses.

Good beer should be poured into a proper glass, whenever possible.

18/0? Yech. Rust city.

I was hoping the set that contained the 4 different shapes would be part of this deal. I bought my boyfriend one set of the 4 shapes and now he laments that his friends have to use improper glassware.

If you are looking for two sets of the Spiegelau Bordeaux glasses they are a few dollars cheaper here. Nice glasses by the way.


I got the Mikasa 2-piece cake server, and they’re really nice. 18/10 stainless, porcelain handles, nice and heavy, and sharp. They’re not the style I’d normally go for, but for $2.99 as add-on to something else I was getting, it was definitely worth it. I’d say go for it, if you need something like this.