Warhammer 40K 9th Ed. Discussion thread.

Anyone interested?

Hadn’t played in years. What’s up with 9th ed?

Did print a few knock off… ah… models… for a boss to practice his painting. Did well enough.

Just announced 9th ed last week. Looks like a complete rules rewrite.

My shelf of shame is still far too full for me to need to make my own models to paint. How close does the printed stuff come to the real thing?

I can’t find the tyranids I printed off, but a few other similarly scaled minis. They did well enough when primed and painted.

My Eldar army was sold or lost years ago. Though I’ll have to look into what v9 rules bring.



Good news then, the base rules will be free.

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So… how is it?!

Still not released yet. Can’t even preorder yet.