Waring 60th Anniversary Blender

Wish this was USB powered

For years, I had my grandparent’s original Waring blender. They were married in 1938. It finally broke somewhere along the line, or maybe one of my old roommates stole it.

This one looks JUST LIKE THEIRS.

Pretty neat.

Mixed reviews at Williams-Sonoma (but they don’t sell it anymore, hint, hint):


Several places start at $49.99 REFURBISHED:


$149.99 at Waring but unable to purchase now, and trouble coming up with manual:

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Not sure what’s wrong, if you mean the google search. I just retried it, and it opened to the page (the top 3 are the refurbished). If it’s still giving people trouble, I’ll just add the 3 individual links.

What makes the Anniversary Edition different than the regular edition?

Funny, we have one that looks exactly like this. My mom bought it in, well a long time ago. It is still a damn fine blender. Wonder if this works as well.

All I can find so far is from the Williams-Sonoma page, similar to the Woot write-up tonight:

“Waring’s retro blender is based on one of the company’s 1937 models, with the addition of a pulse button.”
“A Williams-Sonoma exclusive.” (well, it was, until they stopped selling it).

This seems basically identical to:
spec wise.

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I added the url formatting to allow the link to be clicked, and yeah, except for the base looking different (and being $129.99), it looks similar.

Hi, NightGhost, you see any other reviews or can find the manual? Good night.

My fiancee got a Waring blender for her bridal shower and it looks almost exactly like this one but is this:

It’s the best blender I’ve ever owned. I make a smoothie every morning and it gets done in 15 seconds what’s taken every other blender a good minute. It does it without fuss, relatively quietly. It’s like magic.

The best smoothies are when you freeze the fruits first and DO NOT use ice.

First off, most blenders are not made to make chopped ice smoothies.
Smoothies with ice are made with emulsifiers or bar blenders not cheap blenders with blades made for softer items like this one.
Buy a blender that’s made for chopping ice like the Waring Pro Professional Food and Beverage Blender or Waring PBB 25 Professional 2 Speed Blender. These run about $125-175.
The Juicers and Emulsifiers run about $250-350.
They are made for chopping everything and turning it into a smoothie or juice or soup.
This blender is for making malts and shakes and chopped ice mixed drinks.
After chopping up ice a few times this blenders blades will get dull and break.

The reviews for this blender are very mixed there are lot of negative reviews indicating the the blades will snap or break when used with ice or frozen fruit. I found this review on amazon very interesting:

“After reading the reviews here, I purchased a Waring professional bar blender back in March. The blender has been wonderful, and we use it for protein shakes every morning. We always use frozen fruit in the shakes, in addition to at least 12 oz liquid. One morning, much to our surprise, one of the 4 prongs of the metal blade broke off in the shake and fortunately my husband detected it before ingesting the blade!!
I called Waring and asked why that would have happened so soon. The woman on the phone told me that frozen fruit, due to it’s fibrous nature, breaks down the blade and that is a known problem, even though it is not listed in the manual. I’m debating whether I should get a new blade, or investigate another blender, such as the Kitchen Aid. Has anyone else make frozen fruit shakes consistently with a Warning or other blender?”

I personally am going to buy the Waring MX1000R Professional 3.0 -Horsepower Blender for $350 for all of my smoothie needs.


One thing I don’t understand about that review. The writer seems to think that $350 blender has blades that won’t break like the lesser Waring blender. But I don’t see anything in the product description that says the blades won’t break.

I assume all the blades for these blenders are made of stainless steel. I know stainless steel can be made stronger with different percentages of nickel or whatever, but wouldn’t the product description say something about that?

My personal experience:

I have used several different types of blenders to chop ice, from really cheap home models to professional bar blenders. And sure, the expensive ones did a much better job. In fact, the motors on the cheap ones would often groan, or even refuse to turn after awhile. On one model, the circuit breaker would flip. But the blades never broke on any of the blenders. YMMV.

OK so based on your experience, the wattage of the motor is an important consideration. This one has a 390 watt motor, which is not especially strong, I believe. I think I’ll wait for a reappearance of the Breville blender which has a much stronger motor (750 watts?) and which people seemed to like a lot. It was $20 more expensive but I think that’s not too much to pay.

Sounds like FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, & Doubt) marketing right there. I’ve never heard of a blade breaking in a blender. When it comes to steel (and any metal) you get a hardness and toughness rating. Hardness can reflect how well a blade holds an edge, toughness can reflect how much bend a blade has. Honestly, no ice or frozen fruit should break any blade. I have a super cheap black and decker for chopping up frozen fruit and ice and I’ve never had a problem with the blades (the motor on the other hand…)