Waring Digital Convection Oven

Can’t speak about a refurbished one as I bought a new one about a year ago.

A couple of the plastic feet broke so I called customer service. They sent me a brand new unit even after I asked if they could just sent me the parts. They said this is a design flaw so the only way the engineers would understand is if they got the unit back. I didn’t argue…

Unit works pretty well. Full course meals aren’t prepped in it, more like reheating meals, cooking premade pizza, baked potatoes, bagels and toast. Speaking of latter, I’m not sure what the difference between those settings; perhaps the temperature. I can easily fit 4 pieces of toast but I think 6 might be a squeeze.

As you’ll find in other reviews, heat does escape from the front glass edges a little so be careful if you set anything close to that, including your hands.

I haven’t watched my electrical bill for oven vs. toaster but I imagine there’s some savings when I can cook 4 large potatoes in a smaller toaster than full size oven.

It is what I consider an expensive toaster but the convenience of using it vs the oven for other food makes it more reasonable.