Waring Kitchen Appliances

I own the marvelous ice cone machine. I am addicted to crushed ice. Therefore, this item has been in use, problem-free, at least once daily since 3/2013 when I bought it at Costco for way more than this price. This is a very well-made machine, and it delivers!

By the way, that isn’t a beard on my avatar’s face, that’s crushed ice.

I’ve had this 4 slice toaster oven for a couple years, and it’s been great. It doesn’t toast bread QUITE as well as a slice-style toaster (no toaster oven does), but it handles everything else very well. I use it more than my regular oven for things like broiling and baking small items.

Ok, I read this as “Warring Kitchen Appliances” and was reminded of the old Robot Wars tv show.

I love the superimposition of the appliance on the kitchen counter… Couldn’t get an HD kitchen image? :stuck_out_tongue:

Also lmao!

Ditto…I don’t want to see a War of the Whirlpools in my kitchen!