Waring Kitchen Electrics

The Waring Pro Food Slicer has okay reviews on Amazon. Most of them read that the quality of materials used are not as they’d hoped.

Though for more than 1/2 off the price on Amazon, that might not matter as much.

Looks like the WMK300BKQFR has the wrong picture. That’s a Waffle/Omlette maker.

Checking. Thanks for pointing that out.

[UPDATE: Woot Staff is changing the photo.]

If you don’t have a waffle maker you are missing out. Waffles and bacon…soo good.

For the WMK300BKQFR, who’s putting a desert in their waffles? I would imagine all that sand would dry them out.

I’m in the market for a decent meat grinder, but the “500-peak input watt motor” sound to me like marketing weasel-words.

Here are some good FAQs about grinders.


To bad I just started my diet… Maybe when I inevitably break it I’ll buy one

I just got this slicer recently on Woot, and I’ve used it once. I’m pretty satisfied with the performance, considering the price point–it’s not quite professional quality, but it’s just good enough to be worthwhile. It does seem to use plastic gears, and the parts flex a little, so that it’s difficult to get really paper-thin slices. But it also strikes a good balance in terms of size; it’s not a small appliance, but it’s not too small to be useful, either. If you’re looking for a deli slicer, you’d probably have to spend around $100 to do better than this one.

I’ve always wanted a waffle maker. I’m so afraid to get one though because I’m sure I’d use it nearly constantly and become a penguin. I don’t want to be a penguin.

I’m not sure if they have addressed the issue in later models or not, but I have this model from maybe 8 years ago.
Complete piece of crap. The gear that drives the blade is plastic and very easy to strip.

Slicing ham, or chicken/turkey is ok if you go slow enough (i.e. REALLY slow!) but trying to cut beef is near impossible.
If you go exceedingly slow and only make at best a half dozen slices before letting the thing cool completely you might not strip the gear.
The gears are cheap enough to buy online and fairly easy to replace, but I have gone through at least 3 in very limited use of the slicer.

A few months ago I bought a “real” slicer for almost $200 and this unit is SWEET! Paying 7-9 dollars a pound for sliced roast beef at the deli counter, or buying whole ones when they are on sale for $3.99lb and seasoning, cooking and slicing your own. A no brainer now that I have a real slicer.
My opinion, steer clear of the Waring Pro slicer unless you are looking to do extremely small runs of easy slicing meats.

I’ve had the Waring Waffle Maker for a couple years. They sell them at Costco. While they make great waffles (if you use a good mix, obviously), they are a pain to clean. The plates are not removable and there are lots of nooks to clean.

Aldi sells cherry and blueberry pie filling which makes a great topping.

I have used the Waring Single Burner as my “stove” for about four years now. Living in an efficiency with no real stove, the landlord provided two of these burners and a convection toaster oven. For one person it works out well, I rarely use the second burner.


  • Takes a while to heat up, I use a hot pot/kettle for quick heating water for tea.
  • Getting balanced heating. The front seems to always be higher temp than the back. May be just this burner since it happens with almost any pan, any surface.
  • Not as easy to clean, the hot plate is grooved, but not too bad.


  • Cooking/storing anywhere. When space is a premium, it’s nice to move it out of the way or cook elsewhere. It also has a solid plastic base that allows you to move it even after recently turning it off. The metal surrounding it doesn’t get very hot, but still nice to have a guard.
  • Great non skid feet. Will not move even if you bump it accidentally.
  • Retains heat well after turning off. With a lid dinner can stay warm for over an hour and works great with recipes calling for “simmer and let cool,” as you just turn off the heat and walk away (though hopefully you return later).
  • Industrial cord and plug, though it is short.

I had a popcorn popper designed like the one in this sale. It is designed so horrible I sold it on amazon as used for more than I paid at sams club.

Interesting, the single item that made Fred Waring a household name, outside of his singing (and also put Jimmy Buffett on the map) the (as Fred called it) the bendor, is not listed here.


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