Waring Pistol Vac Vacuum Sealer System


Waring Pistol Vac Vacuum Sealer System
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FWIW, the bags, regardless of size, come out to be just about $1/each ($20-$24/24-pack) on Amazon. Sure, they’re “reusable,” but how well do they clean?

yeah good luck getting everything out of the corners of the bags. They’re disposable in my opinion.

but, after checking reviews on amazon, where this things cost a lot more, I’ll probably get one. if nothing else to help marinate my meats I cook.

How many bags does it come with?
How reliable are the bags?

And how does the suction compare with the Foodsaver countertop models?
It gets good reviews on Amazon, but nobody compares it to a countertop foodsaver (except one who didn’t really get the hang of the foodsaver.)

I would also like to know what is included with the gun.

Would this be too small to use with larger bags for clothing storage?

Will these bags hold up to a 72-hour Sous Vide?

From the description:

“•Includes 12, one-gallon bags and 12, one-quart bags”

Have you thought about double-bagging it? Keep your food in a regular ziplock bag and then put it inside the vacuum bag. Then you don’t have to worry about wasting the expensive vacuum bags.

Ah Yiddishe Kup…

So like double bag your really ugly food in case one falls off?

Can the gun be used with the ziploc vacuum pump bags? Ziploc has a hand-pump for these types of bags and it would be great to use the Waring pistol on these bags instead.

You’ll never get the air out of the inside bag. Oxygen is what ruins the food. Maybe if you don’t seal the inside bag it will work but if you do, it won’t.

Yup. As long as you can close your eyes and it tastes good. It does not matter what it looks like.

I used to have seal-a-meal. It was just too much if a hassle to use get it out every time you want to seal something. They are too bulky to leave on the counter all the time. I like this idea. Seems easy to use and store. My only question, how well does it seal and does the vacuum last? At least the other style “melted” the plastic together for a permanent seal. I bought those clothing bags that worked with a vacuum cleaner. The seals never lasted, so you would shrink a bag of sweaters only to find in a couple of days the bag had expanded to it original size. Junk!

I have tried it by zipping up the inside bag as much as you can and then use the vacuum to get rid of the last bit of air. It’s a good idea if you want to save some of the costly bags.

Did you try to place the sweaters in the freezer once you sealed them? Seems to work for this product - just sayin

I have the FoodSaver handheld which is $20 or $30 depending on if you get a charging stand. Just going by looks, the Waring probably is compatible with the bags from ZipLock and FoodSaver. The bags from ZipLock are not worth the money in my opinion. They don’t hold the vacuum very long (gone in a very few days) and I generally have to reseal them once things reach refridge temperature. The FoodSaver bags are much better. They are generally more expensive on Amazon than direct from FoodSaver and they go on 50% off sales a couple of time a year. They also have rigid deli containers that will hold about 1 lb for things you use frequently.

The hand held vacuums are not great for anything with much liquid because they pull the vacuum from one corner and takes at least 5-10 seconds which means the liquid get pulled into valve decreasing the amount of vacuum you can pull. The clear cups on them are to catch the liquids so they don’t enter pump itself.