Waring Pro Corded/Cordless Stainless Steel Wine Chiller – 2 Pack

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Waring Pro Corded/Cordless Stainless Steel Wine Chiller - 2 Pack
$29.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 2 Waring Pro PC-50 Brushed Stainless Steel Corded/Cordless Wine Chiller

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Of course we can have your wine. We just need to go to wine.woot.com to get it!

won’t mixing electricity with wine have a devastating effect on taste?



I’ve found a previous Wooting! No wait…nope, I think this is a first-timer…

Product Website

Will this work on my Ma…um, my screw-top wine?

I dont think it will handle gallon jugs.

Couple cans of Coke, maybe?

Too bad KAYO isnt made any more (besides powdered hot cocoa).

Why put your wine in a simple container of ice, when you could have a fantastically worthless cold plate filled with ice? Oh, I know, because it’s dumb and useless. I’d much rather use the one in the grocery store, then throw it in the fridge.

C’mon woot, where’s all of your secret good stuff?

it says you CHILL red wine??!?


i mean, maybe in a heat wave in texas, but still . . .

p.s. - don’t over-chill your white wine, either - it’ll really open up in taste.

try it, you’ll like it.

wine.woot… you’ve changed

Dear Woot,

Thank you for this Woot. No, I’m not going to purchase this, however you did remind me that I left my Chocovine in the freezer and I just took it out, preventing horrible chocolate grape goo from freezing on my children’s waffles that they will eat tomorrow morning. So help me god if I don’t have their waffles.

In closing, you saved my family. Thank you.

Wait a minute…
…its filled with ice, but THAT isn’t what makes it cold?

I’d put this on the shelf next to my solar-powered flashlight and my turbocharged pencil.

so… it’s an ice bucket?

Amazon.com link

On Woot you get 2 for the price of 1 on Amazon.

Decidedly mixed reviews: some like it and say wine chilled in 15-20 minutes. Others say it’s a “glorified ice bucket” and all the motor does is spin the wine bottle in the bucket.

How does this thing know the temp of the wine?

Yawn … wine makes me tired

Sorry for the double post. Drinking before I even get the wine chilling bucket out :wink:

A mod can delete this if he/she wants…

What’s the difference between this and a bucket with ice in it? It keeps it slightly colder? Color me uninterested…

Yes, the electricity will taste slightly of dark fruit and leather, with a musky undertone. Stick tongue in socket before 2015.