Waring Pro Corded/Cordless Stainless Steel Wine Chiller – 2 Pack



sweet: Blue timer display

So I can get doubly drunk.

Woot please just give me the damn monkey and I’ll leave you alone xD

argh, not this business again.

every time a new item comes out, I say to myself, finally, i can take a breather, but within seconds it sells out.

Need a $5300 baby grand piano to kill this stupid woot-off…

and now I bow out.

g’night woot.

These are cool.

someone please buy me a woot monkey and woot lights. im on no sleep here. no sleep.

First no kindle, now no wine!

It must suck taking the time to write up a cleaver description of an item that sells out in about 5 seconds.

This would have been a PERFECT gift for my brother and his wife. It was gone in about 3 seconds. Grr.

You just missed the monkeys

its all copy and pasted anyway

You have to go to Wine.Woot for the wine! :wink: