Waring Pro Professional Popcorn Maker

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Waring Pro Professional Popcorn Maker
$49.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Well that’s a fairly severe burn just waiting to happen…

oh here’s a good one. -$25 off amazon price.

This is a really good price, they’re usually around $99, at least the popcorn makers I’ve looked at.

I do have a popcorn machine and it gets used ALL THE TIME.

Good price, $100 at Target

also on Amazon, its $75 with a $20 MIR, PLUS shipping, so still makes this a better deal.

If I had a larger kitchen I would buy this in a second! But it looks like it would take 1/2 of my available space so not today. :frowning: boo! Someday…

Slightly cheaper on Amazon after the mail-in rebate.


I have been waiting for a good deal on this forever! Bought one, I <3 popcorn.

Those who just bought a projector MUST order one of these for their home theater.

Soooo tempting…

You must be a professional popcorn eater to buy this item. You will have to provide credentials at time of purchase.

professional popcorn taste much better.

Projector, Popcorn maker what could be next?

My husband LOVES this. We use it all the time - very easy to use and makes great popcorn, especially if you buy the sprinkle-on butter flavor! Doesn’t take up too much room in the kitchen either.

I think WA residents have to pay tax on Amazon purchases, so it’s a little cheaper on woot for us (just trying to move us to the next item :))

Bought one very similar to this at Costco. Makes great popcorn but is a nightmare to clean.

8 cups is all this makes. How little is it?

I have one of these and LOVE it. It completes the whole home movie experience especially if you purchased that projector that was just on here or the multiple moofi projectors that keep appearing.

nahh too expensive.

I’ll have to enjoy my movies popcornless