Waring Waffle Iron/Omelet Maker Black


Waring Waffle Iron/Omelet Maker Black
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Comments/Discussion from a previous sale

I have one and I’ve given one as a gift. They make fine waffles but everyone who has tried the omelets say that they just aren’t as good as the ones made in a skillet.
I’m baffled - I use exactly the same ingredients and these are a whole lot easier to manage than a skillet. The omelets come out looking amazing.
But no one feels that they taste as good as the ones that come from a skillet.
Go figure.

I bought three last time they were offered. Gave two as gifts. The recipients loved them. Makes perfect waffles. Not so perfect omelets but who cares. I give it 5 stars for ease of use, ease of clean up and perfect waffles every time.I have not expanded my use to cheese sandwiches or any other of the endless possibilities.

I have a different version that is waffles only. I have had it for a couple years and it works really well. Minimal overflow, cleans up pretty easily and cranks out the waffles nice & fast.

We have had one a few years and love it.

Waffles in a skillet? You’ve piqued my interest. I thought a waffle iron was required. Maybe the different factor Imparts the idea that they taste better.

Oh, omelettes in a skillet, I see. Nonetheless, I am interested in skillet waffles now.

I also have the waffle only one. I LOVE this thing. I had it on my registry and it’s one of my most used appliances. I get out of bed late on a Saturday morning, too lazy to do much of anything, and this just makes life easy (and tasty). Waffles typically come out perfect, and as long as I use the measuring cup they provided to place the batter in, I get no overflow. I’ve added fruit, nuts, spices and chocolate chips (not all at the same time), always with good results. I love the dual waffle feature too; it’s just so fast and convenient.

I do some media work for a place that has a Sunday brunch. One manager tried to cut corners and bought a waffle maker that looked like this, but was half the price. Went through three of them before buying a more expensive one.

You get what you pay for. Get the right tool for the job.

That is worse of WOOT clan… they are getting bad to worse for selecting defected items on their pages… Now this product sell by Costco for 45$ and BJ’s Club for 43$… I don’t know where they getting these from Hell’s Kitchen!!!

[MOD: I don’t see this available on either site. ]

Do you need to use a special waffle mix, or can any waffle mix be used? I use a non-gluten pancake mix, and wonder if it will work.

Have to agree here. Don’t know where the 45 came from (maybe the basic model???), but the pro is 70 in Texas.


[MOD: That one makes 2 waffles. This is waffle & omelet.]

Purchased this for myself a couple years ago. Love it. Makes great goof proof waffles. Make some extras and freeze them, then when you are in a hurry or need a snack pop it in the microwave and you are good to go. I can’t comment on price because I haven’t followed it but it is a quality product.

So there are two models out there that are similar, this one does waffle and omelet on the other side, and the double waffle maker.

I think if I am in waffle mode (which pretty much mostly happens when we have sleepover guests), I would want the double. Cuts the time to make waffles for the gang. I can griddle up stuff in a pan if I want omelets.

Just my take on this.

I have this and love it! I use the omelette side to make perfect over easy eggs, pancakes, etc. Waffles have turned out awesome every time I have made them.

After tax and shipping, this cost me about a dollar more from an Amazon seller, fulfilled by Amazon. And I’ll have it about a week sooner. That’s worth a dollar to me.

[MOD: You’re not looking at the Waffle/Omelet version. That’s $116 on Amazon.]

I have the waffle only version of this (makes 2 waffles at once), and LOVE it. Best waffle maker I’ve ever used…

I went gluten free almost 12 months ago now, I was worried I’d never use it again. However, I’ve had great success making GF waffles with GF pancake mix. If your GF mix doesn’t have waffle instructions, you usually need to add a little extra water and oil.

AKA pancakes.