Waring Waffle / Omelet Maker

$130 on amazon. with excellent reviews.


In for one…now I can pretend I’m staying at a Best Western every morning!! :slight_smile:

I have one. These things will help you make friends and influence people. Of course, you have to convince them to be at your place for breakfast, but really, once that’s done, this machine will handle the rest.

WAIT! An omelet AND a waffle? At… the same… time???


Perfect for you guys that like the women to spend the entire night.

69.99 at macy’s

dear lord I can’t do math. cents cheaper at macy’s with shipping.

I have a similar version the one that makes two waffles at the same time, good product but I wish the grids were removable for easy washing, I assume this is a similar non-removable design.

Very good reviews (4.8 out of 5.0) over at Chefscatalog.com

$75 used free 2 day prime shipping at the mother site

Used? That’s like buying someone else’s undergarments…that…okay…make waffles

do you have a link? the ones I’m seeing at that price are different models.

Yeah, but does it make Waffelets or Omffles? That’s what’s most important.

And you shouldn’t factor in Prime, because not everyone pays the $80 for “free” shipping.

Why don’t people check other sites, too? It’s hardly like Amazon is always the cheapest.

This looks tempting. I have a similar model that only makes the waffles but it’s a pain in the ass to clean because the plates are not removable. Based on the pictures it looks like the plates are removable in this one.

Update: Ugh, never mind, after studying the photos more closely, one side is for omelets and the other for waffles. :frowning:

I too have the 2 waffle version. Does a great job. Haven’t bought eggos since.

I saw a guy put turkey stuffing in the same one on Diners Drive-ins and Dives once and tried it. It was a hit at our last thanksgiving.

Definitely worth the buy.

I have both the single-waffle version of this (refurb bought at Woot many moons ago), as well as the double-waffle version (refurb bought at another deal-a-day site), and with the two of them I’ve done waffles for 48 people.

I have no idea how well the omelet side works, but overall they make a decent product, and I love the waffles that come off those irons.

Curse my wife and her love for pancakes!

No, silly wabbit! $75. period.
Then, * used free 2-day Prime shipping at the Mother site. Not $75 used!! ;-D

I wonder how long it takes to warm up. Gonna look that up!

We looked at the WMR300 Belgian Waffle/Omelet Maker and really like the live demonstration at XYZ store, but decided to get the WMK600 Double Belgian-Waffle Maker instead, since we don’t eat omelets as much as waffles. Making 2 waffles at a time means we eat together at the same time. And, we make white flour and wheat flour waffles, which are an inch thick. Plus, there are plenty of options besides using just syrups. Some are: Chicken and waffles, creamed chipped beef on waffles, and waffles with ice cream, to name a few.

The Waring Pro Waffle Makers are easy to use, but it takes some trial and error to get the right amount poured into each waffle plate. Clean-up is pretty easy, unless batter gets around the handle inset. The timer can be set to whatever doneness you prefer, but both waffles come out the same, so both of you had better like the same brownness. And, the included “on/off” toggle switch, two LED indicator lights for “heating” and “ready”, with three audio beep tones are darned handy.

Finally: These are great waffle makers, and the WMR300 being sold on Woot at $84.99 shipped is an excellent deal! If we needed another waffle maker, I’d buy this one as a second waffle maker just to have the omelet option on occasion.