Warm and Cozy

literally the best shirt i have ever seen on this site, including the ones i’ve already purchased. i am a christmas fanatic and a turtle fan, this is paradise.

Everyone Loves a Turtle! So happy this little guy finished near the top.

Is this shirt advocating the making of turtle soup? If it is, I’m so calling P.E.T.A


After seeing this shirt win I have decided to bring my turtle in for the winter. I thought cold-blooded creates liked it cold, but after viewing this sad, sad turtle I am starting to think otherwise.

After last week’s elections I thought democracy didn’t work (Mainly because I never got an I voted sticker) but I voted for this shirt and it placed. Thanks Woot! for reaffirming my faith in Democracy.

Also congrats on the print Ramyb I always love when you win cause the Teestapo hate you so much.

Uh, warm and cozy? To me, he looks cold and uncomfortable, not to mention a bit sinister, Christmas lights notwithstanding. Sorry.

If it were black Steve Jobs would be in for 3. He loves black turtle necks.

Of course I’m going to buy this! Two winters ago, a co-worker and I made up a mascot for the Non-Denominational Winter Holiday, and he was a turtle.

Here I thought turtles brumate during the winter months, due to the fact that they could easily freeze to death, go figure…

Merry Christmas already? :wink:

I guess I’ll be shelling out for this one.

So how many turtle shirts does this make now?

Turtle soup is delicious!

Great shirt, purchased immediately, I’m so glad it made it.

Lounging around in my festive comfy turtle shirt here I come!

funny how woot seems to bash ramy’s shirts every time, but won’t just up and reject them.

it’s like, they hate them but know they’re a cash cow.

Ackk turtle soup! I once thought ‘snapper soup’ was just a funny name for vegetable soups (you know… they’re snappy). Boy was I shocked when I found out what it actually was…

I sure wish you had 4X or 3XLTs. I’d buy almost every other shirt.

This shirt seems to be a test of whether you are a pessimist or optimist.

Pessimists seem to see a cold, unhappy (or dead) turtle.

Optomists see a happy, cozy turtle.

Since it is based on votes, wouldn’t the rational conclusion be that buyers enjoy his designs?

For some reason, that turtle looks really smug to me.