Warm & Cozy

Where are all the specs…? What are they made out of, both cover and fill? What weight/warmth rating? What are the dimensions, etc.? (…though I think I can guess that last one easily enough…)

And which blue pic is slate blue and which one is pacific blue? I’m really not sure… :stuck_out_tongue:

In case this might help with a faster answer (selfishly for me), I’m interested in the “down-alternative” twin for $15.99 (in the darker blue, if that matters… maybe that’s the slate blue? Doesn’t look very slate-like to me though… :p).

Curious on the dimensions too. For the 3 piece down alternative sets, what are the dimensions of the Full comforter vs. the Queen? Also, I’m assuming these are machine washable?

Uh, none of the pictures are labeled with the color they show, and they’re obviously not in the same order as the pulldown. There are 2 blues, which is which?

Hi all! Not sure what happened. I’m wondering if our admin system ate someone’s work. :frowning:

I’ve emailed to get these fixed up. Sorry about this.

Are there color options available that aren’t in the listing? The 5pc Quilt Set-King-3 Colors (http://home.woot.com/offers/5pc-quilt-set-king-3-colors) only has 3 colors available, but pictures for 7.

Such a tease, Woot. tsk tsk

Yeah, we pretty much mucked up this entire event. Someone is working to fix it now. :frowning:

UPDATE: Ok, should all be good now.

Thanks !!

Now I’ve gotta ask (I’m not off-base here, am I?) - since when does polyfill qualify as a “down alternative” in any sense other than that anything that isn’t down could be called that? :stuck_out_tongue:

Isn’t “down alt.” reserved for similar-style (loose like down yet hypoallergenic) fill, as opposed to what sounds here like good ol’ 70s style sleeping bag batting?

Just had to bring this up because it seems like someone there may not understand how that term should be used - felt a bit disingenuous to me to use it here…

Please clarify: Is that a 2 piece or 2 pack of Slankets? Or is it just 2 colors per Slanket?

(Do you get 2 Slankets or 1?)


You are getting 2 reversible blankets. Each is a different color. Pick the color combination you want from the drop-down.

stay away from the quilts and probably this event in general. received a quilt, it was dirty already and paper thin. the decorative pillows were basically like airline pillows. stitching was pulling out of the quilt as well.

“Generally, quilts between 150-300gsm are on the thinner side and only suitable for warmer months (depending upon your climate of course).”
At 90GSM, these are more like sheets.

Well. Got the 2 Slankets. They were packaged poorly. In a loose fitting “bag” envelope. The Slankets come in reusable zippered clear plastic covers. Due to the poor choice of packaging, these covers were torn to shreds during shipping. So much for using those to keep your Slankets in. Still, 2 for $20? Good deal.