Warm Your Lap... AND BEYOND!

There’s no mention for either brand of these having dual controllers in Queen size, and all the pictures show only one controller, even on what are clearly queen beds. Is there really only one controller, no matter what the size and no matter blanket or pad?


Is the pricing right for these blankets? It looks like the mothership is selling the Natural Color Queen Fleece for $99, while Woot is selling the same model for $109.99???

I have the Natural Queen Microfleece blanket and I will say that they really work in the winter.

Their niche is that the blankets never get scorching hot and give a consistent heat through the night. There is an auto shutoff function so you don’t have to worry if you forgot to turn it off before leaving the house.

In terms of cleaning, this comes in two parts (blanket with embedded wires) and (plug-in heating control dial). All you have to do is disconnect the control dial from the blanket (really easy to do) and launder it like a normal blanket - couldn’t be easier really.

I can’t even feel the wires inside the blanket, so don’t worry about it poking you or feeling like chain armor.

Softheat is a great company that stands by their warranty. One of the heating controllers recently broke and they sent me an entire new blanket set immediately!

The travel blanket/pillow - does it plug in to the car, or regular outlet?

Per Woot Staff:

“Twin and full sizes have one controller. Queen King and Cal King have dual controllers.
Throws- One controller”

I hope this helps with your inquiry.

Thanks for the question!

per Woot Staff:

"It comes with both - a car adapter that is able to plug into the cigarette lighter and also a regular cord that plugs into the wall.


Anyone have any idea how that hand warmer thing works? Seems like a clever idea but…how does it work?

Looks like the same thing in the same size on Amazon for $129.99, what gives ?


Just in case the Wellrest Warming Neck Pillows ever come up again on Woot - It’s really so-so. It’s only warm in one spot, the center bottom. And the neck opening is really small. If I snap it closed, it chokes me.