Awesome grats guys. Release the pigs of war :slight_smile:

Guinea Pig wars!

Congrats, SprinkleBass!

Anybody remember the Redwall book series about anthropomorphic rodents in a fantasy/castle universe? This shirt totally reminds me of that.



Congrats on the print!

There are no words to explain how epic this is.

Hooray! I was hoping that this would win. Congrats on the print!

I was hopping for pigs.

I’ve got five bucks saying the one on the left will win. Anybody want to take the bet?

Rodents participating in a chicken-fight rodeo hybrid? Very confusing.

I call the one on the right. He’s got a cape. The one on the left–no cape.

No cape = spear fodder.

Speaking from experience.

So I’m thinking Brian Jacques has a coupla fans…

Almost looks like choreographed dance moves, sort of a West Side Story feeling.

this is joust the shirt I needed

This is like Redwall meets the old Atari Joust game. Yes, it is an awesome fusion of coolness.

Death and hatred to mankiiiind!

I’ll take that bet. The one on the right has a badass cape.

It’s like the next generation of Zhu Zhu Pets

has anyone here ever ate bacon from a guinea pig? anyone wanna be first? would that make you a guinea pig?