Warrior 20" Gas Snow Blower

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Warrior 20" Gas Snow Blower
Price: $199.99
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Too late this year, won’t need next year with global warming says the all knowing protesters…

from MOST of the reviews, it seems to be a very common complaint that the chute seems to fall apart (fly off).
Also common is poor overall quality/design.
And a couple mentioned that the contact number was either disconnected, or it took a few days to get a return call (no human answered telephone).

… and scientists who have spent their entire careers studying climate and know much much much more than protesters or you or I.

This blower blows, though.

Climate change means hotter summers, and, in many places, colder and more severe winters. The knowing protesters are just agreeing with 98% of the world’s scientific community. P.S. - science doesn’t care what you believe…

Best way to ensure that you don’t get anymore snow is to buy one of these.

Another rocket scientist that doesn’t know what the concepts of global warming or climate change mean.

Actually there was recently a recount, damn colleges keep graduating more scientists, and the number is now down to 97.445%

Always believe statistics based on zero footnoting.

Get this garbage out of here.

This am, was part of a hypothesis that the stupidity and platitudes of hypocrisy would rise to the occasion and flaunt their ill informed hatred blindly.

Results = Success.

As the simple cattle ponder the meaning of life and whether the sky is blue, know this:

It took many factories, people and vehicles as well as fossil fuels and natural resources to create this snow-blowing machine of wonder. Which requires two types of extracted and refined fossil fuels to operate while expelling a carbon footprint larger than the mouths of babes.

Huh…and a shovel was never offered as an alternative?

Myself, I’ll be doing my part by ridding the world of one more methane producing animal with steak sauce because I can.

Long live the dinosaurs! (they didn’t freeze did they?)

…luckily living in the desert with your head in the sand, snow is the least of your concern…

hmm…so you’re a “flip flopper”. Please pardon my lack of surprise.

Taking the long way to write “I was only kidding!” does not change the fact that you were not kidding.

I’d buy this in 1/234th of a second if it had electric start. (I gotta crappy back.) Still, it’s better than an electric snow blower. Just thinking of wrapping those cords up gives me nightmares. Who buys an electric snowblower anyway? Either novices or they habe a different sidewalk and driveway than me.
I’d love to buy this, but then I’d have to pay the neighbor kid $10 to start it for me.

As it is, I’m paying him $20 to shovel the driveway and sidewalk. He hasn’t had to shovel more than 3" so far, but IDK what to pay him and I don’t know how to keep him.