Warrior 20" Gas Snow Blower

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Warrior 20" Gas Snow Blower
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11/15/2016 - $229.99 - Click To See Discussion (15 comments)

Here in Alabama, I have never seen a White Christmas (the snow covered day variety, not the wonderful holiday movie starring Bing Crosby)… My Jersey gf is really missing her snow days, so… does this thing happen to come with the snow necessary to throwing snow?

In regards to the huuuge yellow warning box accompanying this advert, that you can’t return this item once bought, you (w00t) should include that warning on all of the items you prostitute for sale here, that buyers can’t return, like the two pairs of athletic shoes I got stuck with (& subsequently gave away) that didn’t fit…

W00t management, are you listening?

#Make W00t great again

There are a couple of things to note about this snow blower. First, the 87cc engine is pretty weak, most gas snow blowers in this size start at 120cc and up.

Second, there is no electric start option. On a cold day it can really help to have an electric start as otherwise it will be difficult to start the unit.

Finally, there is no mention of whether the unit is 2 cycle or 4 cycle. 2 cycle means you mix oil and gas for the fuel source, 4 cycle is separate oil and gas (like your car). 4 cycle is the way most manufactures are going and it’s easier to maintain.

This is a single stage snow blower. Here’s a vid:


The title says 4 stroke.

under specs should answer these things if it said anything but manual, with no way to look at manual.

Missed that, stupid me I was reading the specs. :slight_smile:

To add more to the discussion, a manufacturer warranty on a gas snow thrower is useless if there is no nearby authorized service center. I don’t see Warrior authorized service centers listed on the web, so it’s likely that if you have trouble with the snow blower you will need to pay to have it repaired at a local shop.

Note that warranty issues are rare for most power equipment. Just make sure to empty the gas at the end of the season as the most common problem with snow blowers is not starting due to old gas left in the tank (I own a hardware store, we see this all the time).

Better yet- fill tank add some seafoam- run it for a bit then store

I’m tempted to buy a snowblower one day just so Texas shows up on this map! You know, for the lulz.

Just a beware note - lots of comments/reviews on Amazon stating the chute comes off of this thing after the first few uses.

Most more expensive ones are 2-stage. This means there is a separate chopping in the front and another something that shoots the snow up the chute.


For what it’s worth, I moved to upstate NY last year, we have a 2car driveway about 30ft long.

Not much snow last winter, We shoveled no problem. Lots of work though. But we decided to buy a blower. Dualstage famous name with an engine 3(?) times as big.

This morning we got 6inches in about 4-5hours, it was thick and wet. I shovelled into big lines and the decent blower was having to work hard to move the snow… But was done so quick compared to shoveling I did the neighbor’s attached driveway too…

I read those Amazon reviews. I was considering getting a gas powered snow blower but after reading through those reviews I think I’m going to pass on this particular model. The general consensus was that it is made in China, it falls apart easily and that you get what you pay for.