WarTech Buckshot Classic Pocket Knife

I didn’t need this knife at all, but it was just too funny looking to pass up. Curious thing, though: The same kids who tease me about the drawer full of pocket knives then took this and fought over it because they both wanted a blade for craft projects, and this one has a dead-straight edge. Like, really actually flat; can be used for evening out another surface. That’s pretty nifty.

Bought one when it was offered a few weeks ago, yea, JUST WHAT I NEED, ANOTHER KNIFE! Anyway, got it and love it since it looks like a meat cleaver! Lots of compliments so I’ve just ordered 4 more!

OK, problem occurred, artistic/thumb carving was a mess rather than nice shape. Woot nice enough to refund me the purchase price since I was intending to give them as presents. Might be able to reorder or change the shape of the bad nonartistic shape of the manufacturer’s product. STILL love the design of the blade but not the handle. Thanks Woot!