Wash And Also Dry

I used to live in an apartment without a washer/dryer and I had this washer. I called it my R2 unit as it resembled R2D2. It hooked up to the sink where it would draw and expel the water and it actually did a pretty good job. I had it for a year and a half before I moved into a house and didn’t need it anymore. I used just a standard drying rack and it did everything including my full size sheets. This is pretty perfect for single folks and small apartments.

I’ve actually owned two of these over the last ten years, and they are excellent machines! Both times I was living in an apartment without a washer/drier, and this did the job very well - paid for itself in laundromat costs inside of a year. It has about 1/2 the capacity of a full size machine. I air dry everything anyway, so never bothered with a dryer.

I purchased this washer the last time it was Wooted and man do I love it. I am getting the dryer today. I wish I could be like Oprah and get the washer for all of my apartment dwelling friends.

This dryer has good rating elsewhere and seems like it would be perfect for a small older home which a proper place for a dryer. The washing machine is in the hallway closet, dryer in the dining room. This seems like a great solution!

I believe I could wash that washing machine in my washing machine.

I think this would be great for RV-ers! It’s a lot cheaper than the made-for-RVs washer/dryers, though you might have to get creative with the drain when using it in an RV.

How about a portable dishwasher…that is what I need!

Like previous posters, I have had a lot of success with this one (so in advance, I apologize for the redundancies herein).

I’ve since loaned it out to friend (after using for a year), and she loves it. ‘Changed her life,’ she says in earnest!

I’ve heard they do have various issues over time. I would say, treat it gently and you’ll get 4-5 years.

As well, these are usually available in the Los Angeles area for about $100 on craigslist. I paid $75.

The dryers are not so reliable as the washer. For the dryer, learn how to change the fan belt and the housing that goes with that if you go that route. For the washer, really get the connection to the kitchen or / other faucet perfect so there’s is minimal drip, or worse, yet squirting.

Also, be aware you probably won’t get the best tech. support from the company. Hence, may I suggest that you purchase with either with a credit card that doubles the warranty and you’ll do fine (or go the craigslist route)!

Peace on these holidays!

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Awesome washing machine… Great if you are single, or have little ones.

I bought this from Amazon 5-6 years ago… back when they offered it prime shipping. We dont wash everything in it, but it still manages to save $10-20 in quarters each week.

I did have to replace the belt after the first year… It’s a fairly common belt used in garage door openers, i think.

I replaced the water intake hose with something a bit stronger…

I am also in an apartment, amongst other dwellers with kids and all their kids’ stuff that needs to be washed all the time! I could never get into the commune laundry facility (with my night work schedule and weekends.) I got this and hooked it up with ease, all I can say is…IT IS BRILLIANT!!! I can wash my uniforms every few days, my bedsheets every week, my pillows (YES pillows), etc. I can throw in 3 pairs of jeans, socks and some shirts in one go…and often times, it’s done in 25-40 minutes per load, depending on how much you put in. You cant fit quite a bit, because there is no agitator in the middle taking up room…even without it, it does a brilliant job!!

2 tips though: 1) Make sure you invest in a proper connection unit to your sink to avoid spillage, or sprinkling, etc while the water is running. I fell asleep one night and flooded my bathroom because it popped off. after cleaning up the mess (which I did) I found that the connector unit (runs about $5-10) was faulty and it sprung off. I got a new one and it snaps in perfect now!

Second tip…if you dont get the dryer or eventually hang dry…if you want a way to help speed up the process, when your wash is done, turn off the faucet, and let it go for a spin dry again…it gets rid of the extra water in there…presto!

I also have the dryer which is in my bedroom…I have the vent at the window. In the colder months, it keeps the room warm. The dryer takes anywhere from 60-120 minutes, but does a pretty darn good job! even auto detects when it’s dry and turns off. Keep dryer sheets in, change the lint filter inside and you shouldn’t have a problem.

I use it 1 out of every 10 washes I do (I hang dry as well for energy conservation). Not only that, my utilities went up very minimally!! GREAT GREAT INVESTMENT.

If mine broke…I would NOT hesitate to replace with the same model! Good luck, stay clean!

The world of portable dishwashers is very, very weird. Start by searching for images of them. Seriously weird.


When my vintage Maytag died I was dismayed to see how much it cost to get a decent washer, vs a metal box of dubious quality with 1950’s technology.

As we have a second house that, when sold, will give us another Maytag, I got one of these new for $199 at a local hardware big box store.

It’s been great with hundreds of washes. For example, it does not use brute force spinning to extract water. It spins a little, getting rid of a lot of water, pumps it out, and then does it again. Each time the spinning cycle gets a bit easier, which works well in a low mass unit. Brilliant.

I bought a countertop dish washer for my mother’s house- she doesn’t really have room in her kitchen for a roll-around unit, so I bought this one and parked it next to the sink. It works pretty decently.


I misread the earlier post. The world of portable clothes washers is very, very weird.


I’ve used the wonder wash for a couple years now and ready to upgrade to the Haier. The wonder wash is a back killer. Thanks to everyone for the reviews, I can’t wait to get it :slight_smile:

I bought this washer from Woot and it didn’t come with the necessary screws, still haven’t been able to use it as yet.

You mean on the bottom? I never got them and could never figure out what they were for. Been using it without them for 3 years.

Heads up when you get it. Water will come pouring out the back on your floor, make sure the hose is tight and not cross-threaded.

Received this today with two dings on the side and water in the bottom of it already…