Wash Me! :)

Earth is looking damn sexy being all wet and stuff.

Apparently I misunderstood the concept of gravity completely.

Sorry, that was overly snarky. I’m thrilled to see a patrickspens shirt at number one, and I predict we’ll see another before the weekend is over.

Hmmm interesting… doesn’t the mother usually wash the children? Mother earth is SLACKING!

Edit: This post might not make sense unless you remember this!

Wait! Don’t pour too much water, you’ll flood the Earth and then all will go to waste!

Wonder Twins Powers Activate! Form of Al Gore!

Uh… Aren’t they melting the polar ice caps by doing that?

Love the colors and design. It’s a must buy!


Now I’m no Jed Clampett but it looks like Antarctica is loaded - Black gold! Texas tea!

…and if it weren’t for global warming melting off the ice caps, we wouldn’t have found it. Take that, environment!

apparently, they didn’t think about that big of a wave destroying the earth.

I think it’s time to call in CAPTAIN PLANET!!!

(and his dorky planeteer sidekicks)

Edit: Allllright… Q P #69… giggity giggity XP

Thanks everyone! I hope you all enjoy this shirt as much as I will.

That’s all we need - Another global flood! Why haven’t we thought of that before?

ha…not even going to try to top that one.

What’s sad is that’s actually a hyrbrid car being washed away into the blackness of oblivion…

This was my favorite design in the derby :D. Another great shirt, Patrick!

I am fairly certain that the global implications of dumping a enormous bucket of water on the planet are probably more far reaching than just melting ice…

Heh, should we leave you and the shirt alone for a few minutes?

Awww man, now you’ve done it…the theme song is in my head, raping me of sleep and sanity! -chews own face-

I used to the CP was kinda hot. <–embarrased…

A few hours should do.

Maybe that’s sorta how God did it back in Noah’s time…