Washington Hills Sauvignon Blanc (6)

Washington Hills Sauvignon Blanc 6-Pack
$59.99 $120.00 50% off List Price
2012 Washington Hills Sauvignon Blanc
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I’m drinking a Pedroncelli Sauv Blanc right now and loving it. How would this compare?

Sounds pretty similar based on the description and the specs are also similar. This one appears to be slightly more acidic and at 1.5% Residual Sugar it may also be slightly sweeter than the Pedroncelli.

I’ve never had a SB from Washington state. There may be some terroir driven differences as well.

If it was their Late Harvest Reisling it would be an auto buy for me.

How dare you QP yourself. I’m taking this straight to the dept of no one gives a crap.

It’s called trying to get conversation started and a serious question. :tongue:

Did it just about every other site last night too. So there. most of my quality posts are self inflicted.

this is clearly false advertising. go to https://winelibrary.com/wines/sauvignon-blanc/2012-washington-hills-sauvignon-blanc-76408#i.8wvazbztvdp2qu and you will see not only a lower price…but they clearly show the retail as $10.99…while Woot is claiming $20/bottle?

Why is it necessary to lie in order to sell?

Shipping is included here. They added $25 shipping to my order of 6 bottles bringing the cost to about $100.

You’re also getting this straight from the winery so no shipping to stores and then back to you.

You go girl!

Ouch! I’m still pouting over missing the Pedroncelli SB & rose TWICE during the last woot-off!