Washington State Mixed Whites (6)

Washington State Mixed Whites 6-Pack
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2013 Washington Hills Riesling, Washington State
2014 The Magnificent Wine Company Pinot Gris, Washington State


I had the riesling a couple nights ago with chicken shawarma (at fridge temp and as it warmed in my glass) and then by itself. My notes from that night are below. I can now see the woot price, obviously, and I say it’s a buy if you’re in the market for some easy-to-enjoy summer whites to close out the season.

Nose of predominantly peach. Not much else. Smells sweeter than I was expecting given the 11% alc. but it certainly smells nice. The palate follows the nose. Pretty sweet with a nice, full-bodied mouthfeel. Good acidic cut at the finish that doesn’t quite erase the the sugar. SWMBO thought it was reminiscent of Peachy Canyon Muscat. That’s a fair comparison, but this is more acidic than that.

Opened 2.5 hours and now at close to room temp. w/o food. Same peach on the nose and palate but there’s something else. I think it’s like blood orange rind and juice.

This is nice stuff. I recently drank a '15 Dr. Loosen Blue Slate – an insane year for German Riesling and a bit of an unfair comparison, perhaps, that I use because I’m guessing this retails in the same price range +/- a few $ – and this doesn’t quite match that wine QPR-wise for me. I’d like more acid to cut the balance the sweetness. However, that’s in no way a defect in or a knock against the wine; just my personal preference. I don’t drink a ton of Riesling, but this wine seems varietally correct and it’s pretty delicious, if not super complex.

No idea on woot price here, but I can see killing a bottle of this pretty quickly with some spicy Thai or Indian and I think it’s a good buy anywhere under $13 or so.

Cortot had the other half of my bottle so we’ll see what he says.


I enjoyed a glass of this Riesling on Wednesday night with dinner. As Kyle noted it’s his bottle he opened the night before. It’s under screw top and was not put given any special preserver other than sticking it in the fridge.

I found the wine to be varietally correct and great with food. A tad bit sweet on its own for me but still great flavor and the balance between the different components was fairly good.

Detailed notes.
Color : clear of sediment, pale straw yellow in color.
Nose: very aromatic, tart peach, a bit of spice and maybe some red apple.
Palate: medium sweet, light bodied, crisp acidity, and overall very flavorful. The taste is really mostly peaches. It comes across crisp initially and as the wine opens up in your mouth you get the viscosity that the sugar adds.

Nice bottle for the price here. I’d buy if my darling wife enjoyed sweet wines but she doesn’t so it’s a pass for us.


2014 MWC Pinot Gris

Alcohol: 13.6 (I guessed 13.2)

Tasted with SWMBO and my fellow principal

Color: translucent yellow almost clear

Nose: clean, crisp, blush of green pear, slight herbal undertone. maybe green pear skin?

I also detected some wet stone, lychee, hint of vanilla

Taste: east drinking, easy going, watery, bit of weight, pear, no tannins, short finish. I would guess it spent some time in neutral oak

Final Thoughts: solid white that is easy drinking, well balanced, acidity is crips and fresh. However, it started to get a slight bite after 30 minutes when it warmed up…

msrp guess:
L: $22
JZ: $22
Wife: $28

Would be Ok paying:
L$ $14
JZ $$14
Wife $16

At $8.25 perbottle shipped a compete steal imo. All three tasters enjoyed this bottle. Great price!

Not a Resling fan so torn about going in :weary:

Your better half would enjoy the PG. it reminded me of the J Dusi offered here a few years back.

Funny how your better half compared to Peachy Canyon muscat. I compared the PG To j Dusi PG without reading your comment. J Dusi and Peachy Canyon are literally neighbors in Paso. Weird.

She probably would, im probably going to order and gift a couple bottles of the Riesling to my dad who loves sweeter wines.

Received a bottle of each to try earlier this week which was unfortunately very bad timing for me, sorry for the last minute report. I agree with the prior comments, good wine and great QPR, in for 1, thanks WOOT!!!

Last wooter to woot: catcoland