Wasn't Me

bad kitty, Mr tinkles!!!

No self-respecting cat would offer such lame excuses. A true cat never gives any excuses.

This really did make me laugh out loud. Our cats never have never broken the slats for the blinds, but one did eat the cords to raise and lower them…

'twas zekecatz

Is that cat named Joy Division?


I improved the view.

I once had a cat hang herself in the blind cord. I was able to rescue her before she used up all of her nine lives. She lives on to meow and meow and meow about it. After that all the cords were tied off out of reach from jumping or climbing felines.

There needs to be a slit back version of this, which would completely justify slit back shirts in general.

Now that’s how you do a Joy Division parody. XD

this actually happened to a friend of mine, true story, great design

Love will your blinds apart.

agreed. actually got a lol out of me first thing in the morning. best iteration of this trend i’ve seen in awhile!

OK Fluffy, I see the green, glowing 6-foot hairball in the living room. But both bathrooms?!!? You’re trying to cover for the dog again, right?

I’m sensing a DIY version :slight_smile:

glad your cat is ok!

another possible solution, if feasible, is to cut the bottoms of the cords away from each other so they can’t form a closed loop, and knot off each cord individually.

Raising and lowering becomes a bit of a pain since you have to grab all the cords evenly, but not too big a hassle, unless you have joint problems like arthritis.

Love this :slight_smile:

Stiff Kittens tribute?