Watch'a Doin'?

I would really love to know band length, as on Amazon “mens standard size” is just not specific enough for me as I have a 8.75 inch wrist.

Wow… My first time as “first sucker”. Yipee!! See?! That’s my username there!

I was mainly curious about the crystal type on the truglo. I read on a random amazon comment it was sapphire crystal, which is kind of what I am hoping for. But considering my last sapphire crystal watch (also from woot) shattered when I dropped it 6-7ft onto linoleum (doing something stupid, totally my fault); I will not be disappointed if it isn’t.

So there’s a reason why watches aren’t useless: a good reason! It’s so you can get the ladies. If you’re on a date at a fancy restaurant and she says, “Hey what time is it?” you can’t take out your phone because then you risk looking like a tool. But if you pull back that sleeve a little and check out the watch: classy!

I’m half joking and half serious. It really grinds my gears when someone uses their phone at dinner.

Yup, no use for watches at all. Especially if you spend time at the pool, the beach, the lake, water parks, scuba diving, on a boat, swimming, etc. Cell Phones LOVE water. Really.

agreed. I don’t really carry my phone on my person most of the time, it’s either in my bag or in the pocket of my coat hanging up, or just elsewhere

Where are they getting the $300+ price tag on these watches? Most places online sell them for ~$100. Duplicitous advertising at best.

most people who uses phones to find out what time it is are the non-active type of people. aka nerds and geeks. And when they start arguing why would one want a watch nowdays, you can’t even persuade them since they do non of the activities that one would not or cannot take a phone out and look at the time (skiing, running, swimming, cycling, climbing, rafting, scuba diving…)

Heck, I wear a watch because they look nice, and my arm feels naked without one.

Be aware that while the movement is Swiss, the watch is actually made in China.

The watch just came in. Am I supposed to get a battery or something for it? Do I wind it? The instructions have winding directions, but nothing’s happening. I set the time and date and it just sits there…

It should come with everything needed to make it work. Which watch do you have?

My truglo just arrived. seems to work great, and definitely looks great. tested water resistance in the bathtub (as much resistance as I’ll ever need).

One thing I literally just noticed though. There seems to be a typo on the back, my watch is made from “all stainless seteel”. I’m curious whether all the batch were supposed to be like this, or if I actually got one that made it through the quality control net. Shouldn’t the condition have been listed as something other than new? I guess it’s still new, just with a typo.

Either way, not enough to put me off, but I’m curious what the story is here.

I got my watch yesterday as well and wound it per instructions. No movement, do I need a battery? I got the blue Neptune Watch.


Mine as well. I guess that, if you want to only pay $100 instead of the $400+ MSRP for the newer version, there will be sacrifices within reason. I don’t mind the typeo though, what I do mind is the fact that I can’t get tighten the band down past the 2nd set of holes. The band wasn’t built for a mans wrist at all.