Watch Madness

Haven’t bought these watches but just realized I was burned pretty bad on my last 2 woot watch purchases. Afraid to pull the trigger again. Think carefully. I haven’t reached out to Woot yet, they use to be reasonable so until I talk to them it’s not a “stay away” it’s proceed with caution.

Just so you know, 3 ATM’s is 99ft.

Rutgers State? Rutgers STATE???

WTH woot, it’s “Rutgers”… Fix that, please.

Where is the watch at for the Ref’s?? They were the most deadly team in the tournament…

You will be delighted that we fixed it. But our shame will live on forever in the URL.

heh. I see what you did there

Thank you. The shame shall not be worse than which I bear for living in NJ state …