Watches For Men

They should have just said the MSRP was $9,000 so they could be marked down 99% - now THAT would be a deal.

If it was 99% off, then I would have been sold, regardless of whether the time is correct only twice a day or the crystal is made out of saran wrap.

the spec of 330ft or 100ft waterproof means it is not for diving. Even if it spec’d for 1000m, I wouldn’t trust these fake specs. I’ve had watches whose spec is 100ft waterproof get flooded just having it down to 2ft max in a pool.

I’ve bought an Invicta for $50 from Amazon and took it in to the mall watch shop to get the strap sized. I saw the exact same watch for $799 *shrug-sometimes it’s not too good to be true

BTW, I just received the watch yesterday-came without manual and I can’t figure out how to set the time-the crown seems stuck or is there a special way to adjust time? The watch was running when I got it…

Last question, I promise :slight_smile:
IS this the official site:
or this one?
BOth have the same logo, but the second one has the watch from Woot… Hmmm

Just got the watch today and it’s impossible to remove the extra bands for resizing. Let me know if any of you have any luck with it!


I got the white/silver

Mine also came without manual. Have you figure out how to resize/remove bands?