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What is the maximum length that this watch (Charles Latour Sidney Multifunction) will achieve? In other words, my wrist is 9" so will it fit? I believe that watch products should reveal this measurement so that buyers would be fully informed.

welcome to woot. we didn’t get that information from the vendor/ we didn’t get a sample will get familiar.

OK, luke975, TY for your response. I hope that the maximum length of the watch band including the watch itself will be posted. Again, my wrist is 9 inches so I require a watch to fit. Many times I am forced to purchase guy’s watches due to band length but I don’t like those heavy watches!

Doing some math:

40mm diameter case = ~1.5"

So, It would be close to 7.5" most likely.

Is this watch relay expensive one? Can i return if i do not like it

Ooops! Too small. TY for your help! :slight_smile:

I know the multifunction ones are sold out already, but if you click on a watch and then click on “specs” it will tell you the maximum band length.

no woot doesn’t do “buyers remorse” returns.

why return it? given the killa deal offered that’s close to 96% off MSRP, you can surely bring it back to one of those stores that sells it and make a killin. Or sell it at f1eabay and make a smalla ki11in.

My Jeanneret watch came today. It seems to be a decent watch. Research turned up that these watches claim a big msrp, but sell for much less. Evidently the company will stand behind the product, and this is a good price. No remorse here.

wow, these sell out quickly!