Watches, Winders and Cases

I’ve found my automatic Android watches on par with my Invictas; all style, no reliability. Of the three I’ve bought, two became useless in less than a year (crown came loose on one and other lost 15 minutes per day). Best to save up for a decent Swiss made watch. Hamilton’s are a good value and good place to start.

Water resistant to 200m with a push/pull crown? Right…

I own six Android timepieces and have not had a problem with any of them.

Reviews seem pretty good on Android watches, not like the Akribos XXIV I last got from Woot. I’ll give them a shot, worse comes to worse I take it to my local repair shop where my Akribos is now and get it fixed for $30. :smiley:

I’m not sure anything with a ‘Tattooed Dragon’ on it qualifies as a ‘timepiece.’

I’ve turned into an Android watch junkie. They really are good watches, and have a good rap online. Designs range from traditional to modern to even… bizarre.

The lead designer, Wing Liang, is a pretty talented designer and historically offers excellent customer service and support for his products.

The watches are generally “designed in USA but made in China”, but use quality parts and movements such as Miyota and Seagull. I own about 20 watches like these at different price points and none of them give me any problems.

I have an Android Octopuz, excellent build quality. It would say it’s a far better built than my Invictas. I’ve even taken it diving a few times, where as my Invictas, which I also love, I don’t quite trust them to go in the water LOL.

What version are these running?

Steinhausen Desktop Single Watch winder was certainly not made for watches that where for someone’s wrist that may be larger than a little girl. After a few minutes the “pillow” falls out of the winder along with, I veture to say a rather valueable watch with it. TOTAL TRASH!