Water Fun & Safety

I was excited to see the water sports show up but when I clicked to see what was available and at what price I was very disappointed to say the least.

I have been shopping for child vests and I can tell you for the same price I can get these at Walmart and not worry about paying shipping.

Sorry Woot but this site has become just another sales outlet for Amazon. Where are the good products and deals we used to see?

While I don’t disagree that some of the deals have been a bit lacking, I got onto Walmart’s website and could not find 1 child vest for less than $20 that I would consider buying. The one on here for $12 + shipping would still be less than 95% of the child vests after tax.

Full Throttle Child Soft Poly-Span Flex-Back Neoprene Watersport Vest - Red
does not list a weight limit. I would assume 30-50 pounds. Is that correct?

it is 30-50 lbs.

Walmart is famous for having different prices in store than what they list on their website… I just checked the receipt and I paid $14.87 For up to 90 lbs. So it was still a good deal since we used them the same day we bought them and didn’t pay shipping.