Water Right Garden Hoses

I own one of each of these styles of Water Right Garden Hoses. Figured I would share my thoughts.

First of all, the pros:

  • The hoses are light weight.
  • They are BPA and lead free, so you can feel better about it if you are inclined to drink from the hose.

The cons for the slim hose (the straight one):

  • It is only 1/2 inch diameter which is not large enough to allow enough water pressure to work a sprinkler.
  • It is self winding. What I have discovered is that you have to untwist it to stretch it across the yard or it becomes a tripping hazard. Then you have to fight to wind it back up because it will only wind one way.

For the coiled hose:

  • It tangles on itself. The twisty nature of it causes it to catch on itself. Kind of reminds me of trying to untangle strings of Christmas lights except that the hose is big and clumsy enough to become really, really annoying.

My overall assessment:

  • I would recommend the slim hose for those with small yards. I would possibly consider getting another one if I had a need for it.
  • I wouldn’t wish the coiled hose on my worst enemy. I would like to give away the one I have, but I can’t think of anyone I dislike that much.

Good luck!

Thank you for the savings.

I was just about to pull the trigger on the coiled one…thank you for saving me the trouble!