Several items we’ve seen before, a few we haven’t (I think). Owners, check in!

We bought 2 of the Tower Sups previously and like them a lot.
They break down into a very easy to transport package and are nice on the water.
The pump leaves a bit to be desired though, you get a real workout if you pump 2 boards up to 10 psi. Do not buy the 12 volt pump listed here and expect it to pump up the SUP, it is for the other inflatables.

I need to see a picture to see how the Stansport can hold six people. Please Woot?

These are drop shipped from the vendor so we don’t have one to plop 6 people into. You might contact Stansport to see if they can point you to some pictures.

Both of those boat/rafts are the same photo. I’m assuming that’s the smaller boat if the oars are 5 feet.

They didn’t send a pic of the larger one?

Edit: I checked their page… they show the exact same photo for both models on their own site. Fishy when they won’t show the actual product.


shows four in the boat, and two ninjas.