Water Tech Robotic Pool Cleaner



Isn’t this like the robot pool cleaner that was possessed and kept crawling out of the pool on its own in Paranormal Activity 2?

Is that a bonus feature on this unit? If it crawls out of the pool on its own then your house is haunted?


What they hey?! Today is W00t’s birthday … where’s the BOC??


Im Puzzled how this Works?.
It has an Electrical Cord. So I Guess you would have to have your pool Drained before you put it in to Clean it ?
Right ?


does anyone have a review?


No, you don’t drain your pool. It runs off the electricity, rather than using the pool suction system through the pool filter, like other pool cleaners. You plug it in and it runs, pulling the electrical cord with it.


if it works anything like this

it looks like you just stick it in


Can’t find any reviews but found the manual. http://www.poolsupplymall.com/content/manuals/water-tech/water-tech-blue-sapphire-manual.pdf


Thanks For that Info Folks !

Thats Pretty Amazing having an Electical Cord submersed in water.

But Did yu Notice in the You Tube Video, She Turned on a Switch on a “White Unit” (After she put the Robot in the Pool ? (Seem like its attached to a Separate Unit ?

But regardless,
If I see That Working in Any Pool Im sure not Gonna Jump in that Water.
Dont Wanna Get Shocking WET :slight_smile:


I have a Dolphin which works similar to this. It saves a lot time on vacumming the pool. Toss it in. . .let it run around like an underwater Roomba. . .pull it out and empty the bag.


There are lots of power cords designed for working in/around water, your kidding when you are worried about shocks, right?


We had one similar to this when I lived in AZ a while ago. It did a great job keeping most of the crap off the bottom of the pool, though you still have to do a little touch up cleaning to get all the goobers. Sure beat the sweep-and-suck method…very hard on the shoulders and arms.

Don’t think you are going to sell a whole lot of these in Oregon…


ive been a pool service technician for over 10 years and these things are awesome. they dont shock you. the cords are insulated to protect against water damage. u plug it into a normal outlet and u put the robot and the cord in the water and leave the BOX out of the pool. turn it on and it does its thing. and honestly this is a great price. so if u dont want to clean your pool all that much BUY IT!


I found it for sale at a couple places but no reviews anywhere. I also don’t have any experience with this company… but I am tempted by making it easier on everyone cleaning the pool. Can anyone give any feedback on at least the brand if not ths specific device itself?


Not sure about this particular model, but pretty much every other brand I am familiar with runs pretty much the same as each other. Well insulated cord going into 1 or 2 24 volt DC motors. The boxes will generally have a 2.5v or 5v fuse in them, which can be purchased in small bulk at radioshack.
In my experience, I’ve never seen one of these shock anybody while operating.

Still though, not recc’d leaving uint in the pool, especially after adding chemicals.


NO NEED to worry about getting shock. First of all the cords are specially designed to be fully insulated (they also float) and the “white box” is a controller AND a step down transformer, so the electricity going down to the robot inside the pool (underwater) is a lower voltage.

We’ve had 3 robots over the past 12-15 years. We go in the water WITH the robot in it.


Wonder how this would work on cleaning bath tubs?


I have this same brand, but the blue pearl model, which was is slightly cheaper ($399) here on Woot about two years ago.



This deal looks remarkably similar. It cleans the pool amazingly well, finding every little bit of sand, gravel, tree debris, leaves, small marbles, pennies - it takes it all up into its little diaper. It takes about an hour to run its cycle on our little pool and, no matter how dirty it is to begin with, the pool bottom is spotless by the time it is done.

I used to pay a pool guy $110/month to clean and do chemicals. Now I pay about $10/month in chemicals and the robot does the rest. It is a total breeze. I definitely recommend this; it has paid for itself six times now, and I expect that it will pay for itself again every three months for the foreseeable future.

I don’t swim with it; I read the manual and is says not to. It has a 300 watt power line going into it, and I don’t want to chance the rubber wearing thin and zapping me. I let pool party guests who have stayed too long swim with it though.


Any info on using it in an abrove ground Doughboy pool…18’ x 36’…?


Sold! Thanks for the recommendation. This is my first year owning a pool and I really didn’t know how much work it is just to keep the pool clean until I have to do it for the last 2 months. No more endless scrubbing of algae for me. Can’t wait to see this thing in action.