Waterbeds: Boyd Specialty Sleep

I had to give up my waterbed when I moved into a house with all the bedrooms on the second floor. I would love to have another waterbed but have always been told only to put them on the first floor due to the weight. Does anyone know if these newer models are any less heavy than the older ones? Do you have to have a special frame?

As far as I know water still weighs the same.

Yep water is still 8.3 pounds per gallon.

I had a king sized waterbed on the second floor for 25 years. The things I read about it was that I put more pounds per square on the floor than a waterbed. I would use a frame like the old waterbeds that spread out the weight.

I am from the manufacturer and would agree, water weighs the same;-) But take a look at the specs, the Brighten shallow fill softside eliminates about half the water weight because the tubes are only 4" tall. And, because the water is now in tubes, they can be transported as needed without draining (if you ever moved)! Additionally, none of these sofsides need to be put into those heavy wood sided beds!

So, in your personal opinion, which one of these would you recommend on a second floor?

The either of the 2 Brighton’s would be a great pick.

They used to give a % on wave-less mattresses. What percentage are these? I have an old 100% wave-less waterbed with an 8 inch memory foam topper and it is by far the most comfortable bed I have ever slept on. It is also the only bed that helps my back pain. If your going to put one on a 2nd floor make sure you have a good liner and check your house insurance, you may need an extra supplement for a waterbed. I have had my waterbed on the 2nd floor for 15 years without any problems.

I pinged our buyer to see if we can get the wave-less percentages. I’ll update this post when I know more.

“I pinged our buyer” sounds like something one would say to a 12-step program.

I am trying to figure out the differences between the 3 waveless styles. I have an old waveless soft side waterbed with 2 bladders. would love to replace and upgrade. Help please…

Ha! By ‘pinged’, I mean emailed. Does that sound better?

Hopefully the vendor rep comes back to the thread, but I’ve asked our buyer about this, too. Check back for an update.


My cat would love this

So is the water included or do we have to provide it?

time is running out… any idea if rep will make an appearance?

Sorry for the delay in responding! We reduced the offerings to increase the savings on this promotion. So you will find the mattresses labeled “FreeFlow” to be approximately 20% waveless and “Wave Less” to be approximately 80% waveless.

can you please explain the differences between the waveless models?