Waterbrook Late Harvest Semillon (3)

Waterbrook Icon Reserve Late Harvest Semillon 3-Pack
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Waterbrook Icon Reserve Late Harvest Semillon 375ml


Lab Rat report for Waterbrook Icon Reserve 2013 Late Harvest Semillon

Quick summary: Wow, very impressed. This is a well balanced, luscious, clean dessert wine that is smooth and sweet (but shy of cloying). Great with creamy cheeses, fruit, at the end of a meal or with sunsets.

More detailed report: Very small production. 11% alcohol, 14% residual sugar. 100% semillon from Columbia Valley.

Wine was chilled initially to 57º F. PnP. Clear pale yellow color. Good floral nose (honeysuckle) which intensified as the wine warmed up. Great fruit and concentration (but not overwhelming). Flavors of white peach, pineapple, passion fruit. Impressive balance—wine flows smoothly across the palate and finishes softly. Just the right touch of acidity to balance out the sweetness. I did not detect the oily bitterness that some dessert wines have (especially as the wine warms up). This is a delicious wine that seems to evaporate much too quickly. Very impressed with the craftsmanship and look forward to experiencing more wines from Waterbrook.

If you are new to dessert wines, or have been turned off in the past due to high alcohol or excessive sweetness, consider giving this wine a try. IMHO this is similar to, and better than, LHS from L’Ecole no. 41, Boony Doon, and Amavi.


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Looking at the Waterborook site, I find a 2010 LH Icewine with very similar lab specs to this offer. Is this also a 2010, some other vintage, or a NV bottling? From the bottle shot this is ~not~ the Icon Reserve Icewine on their site for $30.

Duckduckgoose, where did you get the 14% value you cite? Bottle? If so, I question the woot published specs that state 17g/l as correct for this offer.
Good rat btw, thanks.

14% by weight according to the back label. And the ice wine from 2010 is a different wine/vintage.

FWIW I really liked the Waterbrook rose offered here a couple months back.

Definitely sounds tasty, definitely can’t justify it!
I’ve enjoyed the other Waterbrook LH wine I’ve tried.

You’ll just have to hope a SoCal Wineaux bought some then, won’t you? :tongue:

Since you and Ron buy everything I’m not terribly worried :slight_smile:



Any one get shipping info yet?